We’ve made it easier for customers to transfer their savings

Published  05 August 2022
   2 min read

Over the last six months we've been monitoring customer reaction times to our communication materials, when transferring savings via our direct offer process.


Customer insight

Insight told us that customers typically engaged and reacted to our communication materials within four to six weeks.  We then tracked a subset of transfer cases using this reduced offer window, and over this time frame we saw a 23% increase in customer engagement and transfer take ups.

Based on this insight, we’ve reduced the offer period we use within our direct offer materials, 12 weeks down to six on a permanent basis.


What does this mean for you?

Reducing this offer window won’t affect what you do but we want to tell you about it so you’re aware.  We’ll reflect the new offer window within the materials throughout the process.


Have you seen the new materials?

We’ve recently revamped our suite of materials – take a look at what’s available to support you, employers and customers in this space, including our new Transfer toolkit