We’re enhancing our Automatic Enrolment Dashboard for contribution monitoring

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These changes will help ensure employers remain compliant with The Pensions Regulator (TPR) rules on monitoring contributions to pension schemes. 

We're pleased to provide more detail about the initial enhancements we made to our Automatic Enrolment Dashboard.

The enhancements that were introduced in February 2024 include:

  • Removal of the missing contribution validation for workers that have already been updated on Dashboard as a leaver, stopped contributions, or deceased.  
  • Enhanced contribution validation for all contribution types excluding salary exchange, this will include more detailed checks on the contribution amounts being entered, compared with contributions we have been told to expect. 
  • The export data file, which is available to export while submitting the contribution, will now include the “Earnings in current contribution period (£)” details entered.  (Please note a ‘tool tip’ will be included which will provide more detail if required). 

We’re also making further enhancements from May 2024

Employers don’t need to change how they calculate pensionable earnings, we simply require them to provide us with their workers’ pensionable earnings figures when submitting the contribution.  If an employer is already providing this information then no change to how they submit the contribution is required.

  • The “Earnings in current contribution period (£)” will become a mandatory field where a contribution is being made for a worker.  We recommend that employers don’t wait until May 2024 to start providing your workers’ pensionable earnings information.  
  • Enhanced validation for contributions made using salary exchange. We currently validate that salary exchange contributions are submitted as an employer only amount. Enhanced validation will be introduced to check the salary exchange contribution amounts being entered against the contribution amounts we have been told to expect.
  • If the contribution details submitted doesn’t match what we are expecting, then employers need to provide a reason – this will be available via a new dropdown feature, providing you with a list of reasons to select from. If pensionable earnings in the current contribution period aren’t provided or a reason isn’t submitted for a contribution mismatch, then the contribution submission cannot be finalised until the missing information has been provided. 

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