The future of auto-enrolment: building on 10 years of success

Published  02 December 2022
   30 min CPD

In this report we look at the impact auto-enrolment has had on UK savings behaviours and retirement outcomes.

What’s contributed to the success of AE and what must be done next to pave the way for future improvements.

CPD learning outcomes - 30 minutes

  • Understand how confident UK employees are with their current level of pension savings
  • Understand the importance being placed on workplace pensions when applying for a new job, how this can benefit your clients and support your workplace conversations 
  • Be able to explain the key steps we as an industry can take to progress AE in the UK, and the opportunities this presents.

What's covered

  • Building on 10 years of success
  • The evolving relationship between employees and employers
  • The retirement reality
  • Recommendations.

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The Future of Auto Enrolment cover

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