Death benefits

Published  12 December 2019
   60 min CPD

Pensions freedoms in 2015 introduced major changes to pension death benefit options and taxation.

Here we provide some technical support to help you, watch our webinar presented by Justin Corliss, Senior Business Development Manager at Royal London.

CPD learning outcomes - 60 minutes

  • Identify what death benefit choices are available
  • Explain the taxation of death benefits
  • Understand the impact of IHT on death benefits
  • Describe spousal bypass trusts and how they work.

What's covered

  • How pension death benefits work and how they are taxed
  • Who can receive pension death benefits and how would they receive this 
  • How IHT may impact pension death benefits.

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1. Which type of pension product enables pension assets to be passed on to the beneficiary in a tax efficient wrapper?
2. What are the three types of flexi-access drawdown a beneficiary might hold?
3. If a pension scheme operates via direction or binding nomination this means:
4. If a member dies and there is a lifetime allowance charge, who pays it?
5. When a member dies over the age of 75 and the benefits are being paid to a spousal by-pass (flexible) trust, what percentage of the fund is passed across to the Trust?

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