Maximum income calculator

Work out the maximum income your client can apply for under Income Protection.

This calculator allows you to work out the maximum income your client can apply for under Income Protection. It doesn’t apply to Key Person Income Protection.

Any income from other plans your client has isn't taken into account. You should deduct this from the result unless those plans are to be cancelled.

The maximum annual income available is:

  • 65% of the first £15,000 of your client’s earnings before tax plus
  • 55% of their remaining earnings before tax above £15,000.

The overall maximum is £250,000 a year (£20,833.33 a month).

How to use this tool
  • Choose whether your client is employed or self employed
  • Enter the figures in the relevant fields - the help text gives more detail
  • Select calculate to see the maximum income your client can apply for
  • You can also select print to save a copy for your files.

Calculation values

The spouses salary has been capped at £12,500


Monthly maximum income

{{results.maximummonthlybenefit | currency:'£':2}}

Annual maximum income

{{results.maximumsumassured | currency:'£':2}}

The maximum assured money has been capped at £250,000
Total earnings

{{results.salary | currency:'£':2}}

Total allowable pre-incapacity earnings

{{results.totalpreincapacityearnings | currency:'£':2}}

Maximum income on first tier

{{results.initialeValue | currency:'£':2}}

Maximum income on second tier

{{results.secondary | currency:'£':2}}

If the person covered’s earnings vary significantly from one year to another, for example because they are made up mainly of commission or bonuses, we’ll use their average earnings over the last three years immediately before the claim. Income received from savings and investments aren’t included in our definition of pre-incapacity earnings.

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