Income shortfall calculator

How long could your clients cope if they were too ill to work?

Use this tool to show your clients how Income Protection could help them avoid a shortfall in their monthly income if they’re too ill to work.

Enter your client’s income, outgoings and savings details below to highlight their monthly shortfall if they were to rely on Statutory Sick Pay. And we’ll also show how long their savings would last – it could be less time than your clients think. 

To show your clients how Income Protection could help, enter the maximum monthly income they can apply for. This is:

  • 65% of the first £15,000 of your client’s pre-tax earnings, plus
  • 55% of their remaining pre-tax earnings

The overall maximum payout is £250,000 a year (£20,833.33 a month).

Our maximum income calculator can help you work out the maximum income your client can apply for under Income Protection.

Your client's income, outgoings and savings

Calculation values

Use our maximum income calculator to work out what your client can apply for under IP.
Enter the monthly outgoings your client is currently responsible for.
Does your client have savings to fall back on if they were too ill to work?


12 months savings calculation

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