Sales tactics

As the saying goes, protection isn't bought – it's sold. We're committed to helping you grow your business, so here you’ll find advice and ideas to help you sell business protection to your clients.

Shaping the conversation

If you're trying to show clients how valuable business protection would be, you could start the conversation by asking them what would happen to their business if they lost a key person. This helps identify different risks to business continuity and could lead to discussions on:

  • The liabilities of the business and how creditors and customers could be affected.
  • The long-term financial implications for the business.
  • The financial and practical difficulties of getting a replacement for the key person.

And all of these areas can lead to business protection opportunities for you.

Our sales aid Questions to ask for business protection can help you start the business protection conversation.

Matching business protection products to a client's needs

Every client has different priorities, needs, hopes and expectations.

Getting to know a client's priorities can help you identify the areas that need most protection. The risks to the client's business can depend on its size and structure. For example:

  • Losing the knowledge and skills of key people - even for a short time - could cause real problems if it means the business can't meet its obligations.
  • The loss of a partner or shareholder could mean the other owners face losing control of the business they've worked hard to build.

If you don't have access to a business protection fact find, you can use our form to find out more about a client's business.

And our decision tree tool can help you find the right type of business protection for your clients.

Combining covers

Once you know exactly what a client's needs are and what they're looking for from their protection, you can use our sales aid Business protection – what we cover to help you find the right type of protection to suit their needs

Our business protection calculator can also help you work out the right level of cover for each client's business.

Upselling from a relevant life plan

If a client has a small business, they may already have relevant life plans for their employees. While this type of plan makes sense to protect employees' families in case the worst should happen, the business would still be vulnerable if it were to lose the knowledge and skills of a key person and couldn't meet the costs of finding a replacement right away. If this happens, the families of the remaining employees won't be protected if the business starts to suffer.

If your clients and their employees already have a Relevant Life Plan with us, this could make it easier when it comes to underwriting them for business protection. 

Helping Hand

Your clients might think all protection plans are the same. Good advice is about knowing what sets them apart. Our Helping Hand service can support a client's business in a number of ways, and they won’t need to pay anything extra to use it. That means if a client loses a key person through death or illness, they'll have access to a careers specialist who’ll be able to help with sourcing a temporary replacement within 48 hours or a full-time replacement if it’s needed. Legal help is also available including advice on all aspects of employment law.

What's more, the person covered and their family (partner and children) also have access to a dedicated nurse who can give them practical and emotional support for as long as it's needed.

This service could really make a difference to your clients during difficult times and show them the value of your advice.

Find out more about our Helping Hand service.

Helping Hand is a package of support services, provided by third parties that aren’t regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. These services aren’t part of our terms and conditions, so can be amended or withdrawn at any time.

Decision tree tool

Find possible business protection solutions based on a client's business structure and the purpose of the cover

Business protection calculator

This tool can help you work out an appropriate amount of cover


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