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There are many benefits to writing a plan in trust.  Our interactive quote and apply journey is enhanced by our online trust service which means you can write your plan in trust from start to finish using our online service. This is available to both existing and new customers.  

We have several trust forms available for online completion and a tool which has been designed to help advisers with their selection.

About the service

We want to encourage more financial advisers to write their clients' policies in trust by offering an easier, more accurate, process that minimises the risk of some type of errors, and reduces the time it takes to complete a form.

There can be additional benefits if there's a claim on the plan as, in some cases, it will speed up how quickly we can pay.

Before you start

Our online trust service will help you choose the correct trust for your client. All you need to do is answer a few questions about the plan(s) and your client(s) and our trust picker tool will let you know which one suits your client's needs. Before completing the trust form, you should check that it's the right one for you and your client.

The online trusts service is available for both existing and new business. For new applications, we would recommend you submit your application to us before completing the trust form online so that you have the final plan number(s). It's fully integrated with our interactive quote and apply system which means you can write your plan in trust from start to finish using our online trust service. 

You can download a data capture form which will help you collect all the necessary information you'll need from your client(s), depending on the type of plan and trust.

You can't part-complete an online submission. If you can't complete all the relevant information in one go you'll need to start again. 

No, you shouldn't use your personal email address or mobile number. 

Yes, we accept both non-UK phone numbers and addresses. 

Writing a plan in trust

No, this can only be done by the adviser.

Providing the correct plan owner and plan number details have been entered and all parties have signed, the trust will be in place. The trust will be checked by our protection servicing team and as long as there are no issues, we'll note it in our records. We'll contact you once this has been done or if there is any issue with the form.

They can contact us to validate who they are and we can update their details so they can log in once again to view or download their form.

Please contact your case manager/Protection Servicing. After some checks they'll be able to amend this and resend the request to sign to the relevant person.
Phone: 0345 609 4500

If someone refuses to sign the form electronically they can do it online. If they don't sign the form it'll become void and anyone who has signed will be notified that the trust can't be completed. If the trust is still to go ahead, you must complete a new online form or complete a paper form and send a copy to us for noting.

If the form hasn't been completed and someone refuses to sign or you want to change the trustees, the form will need to be voided and you'll need to start again.

If the form has already been completed, you'll need to ask your client to complete a "deed of appointment of new trustee/removal or resignation of trustee" to make the change.

We can provide a style deed for this purpose, it is available from our literature pages.

Deed of appointment of new trustee / removal or resignation of trustee

You can enter information about four trustees in the online submission and if your client wishes to appoint any additional trustees, we can provide a style "deed of appointment of new trustee/removal or resignation of trustee". This is available from our literature pages: 

Deed of appointment of new trustee / removal or resignation of trustee

It is very unlikely that this'll be required as the witness must be present when your client signs the form electronically, but the only way to do this would be to start again with a new form. 

You won't be able to track this online, but once the form is fully complete you'll receive an email so you can download a copy of the form. If you don't receive this please contact your client to check whether they have completed the form.

You'll receive a notification once the form is complete. This will provide you with a link and you'll be able to download a copy of the form for your records.

If the form isn't signed within 6 months, it'll expire. Each person will receive a reminder after 14 days that their signature is required.

This is because we are making our service available for both new policies and existing policies. The signatureless process can only be used for new policies. We have talked to financial advisers who have told us that they're looking for a service that can be used with both, so we're better meeting adviser requirements by offering this.

Our Business Protection and Relevant Life Plan trusts are now signature free.

After submission

They'll receive an e-mail with a link back into DocuSign.  To access the form, they'll need to re-authenticate who they are using a code that'll be sent to the mobile number first stored when they signed the form.  They can then download or print a copy.  If they change their e-mail or mobile number, they can contact us to validate who they are and we can update their details so they can once again log into DocuSign to view or download their form.  The Link will be valid for 30 days. Another reminder will be sent 7 days before the  link expires.  After the link expires, they can contact us if they need a new copy.

For Relevant Life Policy trusts the nomination form can be completed online at the same time as the trust.  For any other discretionary trusts forms, or if your client wants to change their nomination, a letter of wishes would need to be completed separately on paper.  We intend to develop the system further in the future to facilitate this and make other improvements.

Please contact your case manager. If you don't know who your case manager is please contact Protection Servicing.

Phone number 0345 609 4500.

This website is intended for financial advisers only and shouldn't be relied upon by any other person. If you are not an adviser please visit

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