Free Cover

If you apply for a Personal Menu Plan, Business Menu Plan, Relevant Life Plan or Pegasus Whole of Life Plan and your client’s plan doesn't start right away, we want to make sure they’re protected in the meantime.

That’s why we offer Free Cover. It’s temporary cover – the same type as you’ve applied for – and it starts as soon as we receive your client’s completed application form.

When will Free Cover start?

Free Cover will start when we receive your client’s paper application form or you complete the submission of an electronic application, as long as:

  • the application form is complete,
  • the person covered is under age 60 (the oldest person covered if there are two),and
  • you’ve included a completed direct debit instruction.

If we have to ask for any information missing from the application form, Free Cover won’t start until we receive it.

We can also offer Free Cover if your client already has a plan and they are applying to change it. If they need to claim, they’ll have the level of cover applied for, even if we haven’t officially updated the plan yet.

What will they be covered for?

Free Cover will be the same type and amount of cover you’ve applied for, up to maximum limits of:

  • Life Cover for £1,000,000 or the equivalent amount for a cover payable as regular payments – so for a 25 year term, the maximum would be £1,000,000 divided by 25
  • Critical Illness Cover and Life or Critical Illness Cover for £500,000 or the equivalent amount for a cover payable as regular payments – so for a 20 year term, the maximum would be £500,000 divided by 20, and
  • Income Protection or Key Person Income Protection for £25,000 a year.

If your client takes out our Income Protection they'll also have fracture cover, hospitalisation payment, additional payment on death and back to work payment included in their Free Cover. See our plan details for details of and when these are payable.

Please see our Free Cover leaflet for more information and the Terms and Conditions that apply.

Next steps

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