An underwriting service tailored to you

Everyone is different and this means that each client poses a different level of risk to us. That’s why we tailor our underwriting service to suit your clients’ needs.

For every case, we give you named case managers who'll see it through from start to finish. But with remote working becoming a new way of life, we want to help enable you to do more digitally. Our online dashboard allows you to follow the progress of an application - making it a faster and more convenient way to keep track of business. You'll still have a direct line to our underwriters as well as support from business development managers, who can answer any questions you may still have.

Our approach to underwriting

We work under a broad set of principles rather than a process. Of course we have our underwriting philosophy, data protection regulations, and other guidelines to follow. But our underwriters have the flexibility to speak to you, your client or whoever it is that can give a better understanding of the situation.

To help our underwriters in making a decision, it’s important that we’re given the correct information. We’ll only ask questions about the areas that are relevant to our assessment but in some instances further evidence may be required before a decision can be made.

If we don’t receive correct or complete information, and if this information would have changed our original assessment, it could have an impact on our decision should your client need to make a claim.

How we can support you

Good underwriting is key to our business and to you too. That’s why we do things the way we do - such as giving you access to our pre-sale underwriting tool to get an indicative decision ahead of any application.

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