A quick and easy online service

When it comes to delivering a user friendly online service, at Royal London we make things simple.

Our online service gives you:

  • Total flexibility – you can either complete an application yourself or send it to your clients to do in their own time.  If you do send it to your clients, our tracker means you can see exactly where they are with their application.
  • An estimated decisions feature that allows you to check the impact of any further disclosures.
  • A smart rules engine - your clients are asked targeted questions so cases are less likely to be referred to our underwriters. This means more instant decisions online.
  • An online dashboard – you can access your quotes and applications, as well as adding or amending start dates before a plan goes live.
  • Online trusts - your clients can now complete a signature free trust while applying for Business Menu and Relevant Life Plans - making the trust process quick and easy.
  • The ability to nominate a beneficiary for Personal Menu plans at the point of new business, so payment is made to the right person quickly, with no need for a trust or probate.

Cover can be tailored to meet your clients’ protection needs – adding and removing options at any stage. 

And our people are always on hand to give you the personal service you value.

Our online service gives your clients:

Access to view their policy details online. This currently only applies to new customers who took out a Personal Menu or Pegasus Whole of Life Plan from 3rd May.

Log in to get started or watch our short animations to find out more:


‘Send to client’ how to guide

Find out how our 'send to client' feature makes the online application process even easier - allowing your clients to complete their medical records at a time that suits them.


Our 'send to client' feature makes the application process even easier for you and your clients.

After entering some basic information...

You have the option to send an application to your client to complete their medical details.

This feature can be activated at any stage - so you can partially complete sections first or send the full question set to your client.

Your client will receive an email from us.

And will be asked to log-in securely using their name and date of birth.

They can complete their details in privacy, at a time and place that suits them.

And joint lives are sent separate links, making the process even quicker.

Our send to client tracker gives you full visibility.

And you can access an application at any time.

You can see:

Whether your client has accessed an application since you sent it.

How many sections have been completed.

You can even click in to view it so if your client is stuck, you can help.

And you can view the progress of individual lives.

Once your client has completed their information, the application is returned to you – making sure you maintain complete control.

And it is you we will give our final decision to so you can relay this to your client.

We won't ask for GP or bank details until you and your client have decided to go ahead and we know that these are needed.

It's you that will then complete these final details before sending the completed application to us, so you’re in the driving seat every step of the way.

It really is that simple.

Online dashboard how to guide

Find out how our online dashboard can help you keep track of your applications.


Our online dashboard allows you to access your quotes and applications at any time.

You can see which plans need a start date.

And add or amend dates before a plan goes live.

You can see when premiums will be collected – including whether double payments are required - so you can help set client expectations.

The dashboard will show when a plan has started.

And you can download a copy of a client’s application at any time.

At Royal London, we have the tools you need to make the application process a breeze.

Application navigation how to guide

We’ve made our online journey quick and simple to navigate, allowing you to do things like add and remove covers at any point during the application process. Watch our short animation to find out more.


Our online journey is quick and simple to navigate.

You can add or remove covers and lives at any point during the application process.

And help text appears on screen so you and your clients can answer questions easily.

The process is dynamic so you only answer what you need to.

And our side navigation bar allows you to go through the journey in an order that suits.

Our estimated decision feature means you can check the impact of disclosures as you go.

And our flexible journey allows you to apply for multiple covers and polices at the same time.

You can even start them at different times based on plan ownership, chosen start dates and decision outcomes.

At Royal London navigating the protection process is a piece of cake.

Our signature free process

We know processing a trust application can be a struggle - especially when you need so many signatures.

Our signature free Business and Relevant Life Plan trust process allows you to complete the application for your client without having to wait for signatures from nominated trustees or your client - making the process simple.


Our Business Protection and Relevant Life Plan online application lets you complete a signature free trust form, making the trust process simple.

The details you need to enter are included in the main application, but you can still send us a paper trust form before the plan starts, if you want.

The information we ask for online is the same as on our paper version, so there are no surprises. And you won’t need to repeat anything you’ve already told us.

You need to complete all the trust sections to submit the application, but you can save and return to it at any point if you don’t have all the information to hand.

You can also print a copy to share with your client before sending us the final application.

Once you’ve sent it to us, there’s nothing else you need to do.

A copy of the trust form will be available as part of the client pack on your dashboard.

And we’ll send confirmation to the plan owner and tell the nominated trustees straight away, with no delays caused by the need for a signature.

At Royal London, we make the application process simple.

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