Product details of our Business Protection Waiver of Premium (Sickness)

Find out how your clients can tailor their cover by choosing a deferred period that suits their needs.
  • Basis - single life
  • Premiums - your clients' premiums will stay the same, unless the amount of any other cover changes. For example, if the amount of the other cover increases, if the premiums are reviewable, if the cover is cancelled or the plan comes to an end.
  • Choice - we'll start paying the premiums after the chosen deferred period. Your clients can choose between 4,8, 13, 26 or 52 weeks. If circumstances change, the deferred period can usually be altered to suit your clients' needs.
  • Terminal illness - if your clients are diagnosed with a terminal illness and have less than 12 months to live, they won’t need to wait for their deferred period to end before we'll start paying their monthly payments.
  • Connected claims - if your clients make a claim, return to work and become ill again with the same or related condition within 52 weeks, and they meet our definition of incapacitated, the deferred period won't apply.

We’ll continue paying your clients' premiums until they:

Our Waiver of Premium (Sickness) is available on our Personal and Business Menu Plans and covers premiums for:

Waiver of Premium (Sickness) is not available on our Relevant Life Plan.

Your clients only have to take out waiver once for it to be attached to all the applicable covers they have with us. The waiver cover term will automatically default to the longest cover term out of all their covers.

We won't pay a claim if:

  • It's the result of intentional self-inflicted injury as defined in our plan details.
  • It's the result of an exclusion shown on the cover summary.
  • The person covered no longer meets the definition of incapacitated in our plan details.
  • Medical or other evidence is not supplied when we ask for it.

Terms and conditions

For full terms and conditions see our Business Menu Waiver of Premium (Sickness) plan details.

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