Business Protection Children's Critical Illness Cover

Our Children's Critical Illness Cover can provide financial support to help your clients meet any extra costs so they can focus on caring for their children

When your clients take out Critical Illness Cover with us they can choose to add Enhanced Children’s Critical Illness or Standard Children’s Critical Illness Cover, depending on their circumstances.

Benefits of our Children’s Critical Illness Cover

  • Flexible - your clients can choose to add Enhanced or Standard Children's Critical Illness Cover, or they can leave it off entirely if they don't have or don't plan on having children so they're not paying for a benefit they don't need.
  • Comprehensive– for Standard Children’s Critical Illness Cover, children are covered for the main conditions available on our Critical Illness Cover, plus Total Permanent Disability. For Enhanced Children’s Critical Illness Cover, they’ll be covered for the main conditions, plus additional conditions, pregnancy-related conditions and child-specific conditions. 
  • Children's Critical Illness Cover Conversion option - with our Enhanced Children’s Critical Illness Cover, we automatically include a Children’s Critical Illness Cover Conversion Option
  • Adaptable – if your clients’ needs change in the future they can add or remove Children’s Critical Illness Cover at any time, without giving us any medical information.
  • Reassuring - your clients’ main Critical Illness Cover won’t be affected by any children’s claims we pay out, so if you make a claim on Children’s Critical Illness Cover, your main Critical Illness Cover will remain in place. 
  • Personal support - our Helping Hand service gives your clients, and their partner and children, access to a dedicated nurse. The service also provides access to a career helpline that can help find candidates for temporary or permanent cover for a key person.

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