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With our Business Menu Plan you have the flexibility to mix and match a range of covers that suit your client’s business needs. You can cover business loans or protect against the loss of a key person, partner, member or shareholding director.

Businesses today would find it unthinkable not to insure against the effects of fire or theft. But what about the biggest asset of any business - its people?

How would a business cope if a key employee, vital to its running suffers a serious illness, injury or dies? The impact of losing them unexpectedly could be difficult to recover from.

Our Business Menu Plan provides protection against the loss of a key employee as well as a partner, member or shareholding director. It offers you the flexibility to mix and match a range of covers to suit your client’s individual needs with the option of different terms and cover amounts as well as a number of trust solutions.

And with our Helping Hand service, your clients’ will have access to a recruitment specialist at no extra cost. They’ll help source a list of temporary replacements within 48 hours. A legal helpline is also available to give your clients advice on all aspects of employment law.

Royal London - we’ve got it covered.

Our range of covers:

Benefits of our Business Menu Plan

  • Choice - you can mix and match up to 10 covers within the same plan, for example provide Life Cover and Critical Illness Cover for a number of shareholders or owners within the same business.
  • Flexibility - you can alter the cover, should something change in the future - which is more likely in a business than it is with a family (this could be a key employee leaving or retiring through ill health, or the company taking on a loan to help with expansion plans).
  • Free cover - when your clients apply for business protection and their plan doesn't start straight away, we provide your clients with temporary cover - so they're protected even before their plan starts.
  • Children's Critical Illness Cover Conversion option - with our Enhanced Children’s Critical Illness Cover, we automatically include a Children’s Critical Illness Cover Conversion Option.
  • A Helping Hand - all our Business Menu Plans come with Helping Hand - a comprehensive support service that'll support your clients and their close family whenever they need it. It's available to use once the plan starts and there's no extra cost to use it.
  • Less paperwork - with a menu plan, the business protection is provided under one plan with one application and one direct debit so less administration for you and your client.
  • One plan fee - have up to 10 covers under the same plan but pay just one plan fee of £2.60

More benefits of using us for business protection

  • Tools to help you - we've a range of tools to help you sell business protection, from our handy business protection planner to the popular pre-sale underwriting tool. There's also the CPD hub to help you meet the requirements of the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD).
  • Business Development support - we've a team of experienced corporate protection specialists, who can work with you to provide training and sales development support.
  • Tax and trusts - we also have a wide range of trust literature including guides, trust forms and supplementary support such as cross option agreements. There's also our team of tax and trust specialists who can help with these types of questions and situations when they relate to business protection.

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