Immediate Cover

Immediate Cover is a form of temporary cover that will pay out if the person covered dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness which meets our definition, while we’re assessing their main Life Cover application.

If your clients apply for Life Cover of more than £1,000,000 we may be able to offer Immediate Cover so they’re protected even before their Life Cover has officially started. 

Please note that Immediate Cover is only currently available to certain advisers. We hope to offer this out to all advisers in the near future.

Benefits of our Immediate Cover

  • Peace of mind - Immediate Cover provides cover for up to 90 days during underwriting. 
  • Accessible - Immediate Cover is available when your clients apply for Life Cover through our Personal Menu Plan, Business Menu Plan, Relevant Life Plan and Pegasus Whole of Life Plan.  
  • Same cover amount - your clients’ Immediate Cover will be for the same amount of Life Cover they’ve applied for, as long as it’s over £1,000,000 and up to £5,000,000. If your client applies for more than £5,000,000 of Life Cover their Immediate Cover will be limited to £5,000,000.
  • Easy to apply - all we need in addition to your main Life Cover application form and financial evidence, where required, is a completed Immediate Cover request form, which you’ll find on page 4 of our Immediate Cover booklet. Please see the FAQ for more information on how to apply. 
  • Quick decision - we’ll let you know if Immediate Cover has been accepted or declined within one working day of receiving all the required evidence.
  • Personal support - our Helping Hand service gives your clients, their partners and children, access to a dedicated nurse who can support them through serious illness, injury or bereavement. It's available from the day their Immediate Cover starts and they don't need to pay anything extra to use it.

Can I place my cover in trust?

If your clients want their Life Cover to be placed in trust from when Immediate Cover starts, please use one of the trust forms below. This will make sure any benefits paid under Immediate Cover, as well as benefits paid out from your plan are paid into your chosen trust.

For more information or to apply, use our simple guide to Immediate Cover, or you can use our FAQ.

Trust forms

 Immediate Cover FAQs

We only currently offer Immediate Cover on our Life Cover product.

Immediate Cover can be applied for on any cases with a sum assured over £1 million. The maximum sum assured we can cover Immediate Cover for is £5 million but you can still apply for more than this in your Life Cover application.

It’ll end no more than 14 days after we offer acceptance terms on the application and the cover can’t last more than 90 days in total.

You can find an application form along with the full terms and conditions for Immediate Cover. You can complete this on your client’s behalf and a copy of this will need to be emailed to your case manager or posted to us at the usual address. We’ll also need to have received a Life Cover application and Direct Debit Mandate along with any financial evidence that may be required.

Your dedicated underwriter will perform an assessment of the application along with any financial evidence that we’ve requested for the amount of cover being applied for. You’ll then be contacted with our decision within one working day.

If the plan is accepted and your client is happy to proceed we’ll start the plan from the date that Immediate Cover was placed on risk and the premiums for Immediate Cover will be collected along with the first regular premium payment.

Yes. We’ve created four trusts specifically for Immediate Cover, which as well as including any benefits paid from your policy during the normal term, will also include any benefits paid from Immediate Cover.

Please remember if you're applying for a Relevant Life Plan or any policy that needs to be written under a business trust, these should be in place before we start Immediate Cover to avoid a potential IHT liability in the event of a claim.

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