We've given our Critical Illness Cover a boost

Protection that delivers what your clients need.

We’ve improved our Critical Illness Cover by focusing on conditions that matter. We've added new definitions and enhanced others to make protection simpler, giving your clients peace of mind should the worst happen.

Making protection simpler

Adding new definitions and making improvements to others should help make things easier for your clients if they need to make a claim.

New definitions

We've added two new full definitions and three new additional cover conditions.

Updated definitions

We've updated five full definitions, two additional cover conditions, and one child definition.

We've added two new full definitions

  • Crohn's disease
    A long term condition where parts of the digestive tract can become inflamed. 
  • Syringomelia or Syringobulbia  
    • Syringomyelia is the formation of fluid-filled cysts in the spinal cord. It can cause pain, weakness and stiffness in the body.
    • Syringobulbia is the formation of fluid-filled cysts which affect the brainstem. Symptoms can include dizziness, involuntary rapid eye movement, impaired vision and numbness.

We've added three new additional cover conditions

Heart attack was our second biggest reason for Critical Illness claim in 2020*.
That’s why we’ve added two new heart-related conditions:  

  • Less severe cardiomyopathy - a disease of the heart muscle that leads to the heart becoming enlarged and functioning poorly.
  • Less severe heart failure - means the heart is unable to pump blood around the body in the way it should.

In the UK alone, 245,000 people are affected by sepsis every year**, which is why we've added a sepsis definition to our definitions.

  • Severe sepsis - a life-threatening medical condition. It happens when the immune system over-reacts to an infection and starts to damage the body's own tissues and organs.

We've updated eight existing definitions

  • Spina bifida
    We now include meningocele in our Children's Critical Illness definition for spina bifida. 
  • Bacterial meningitis was one of the most common reason for claim for Children’s Critical Illness Cover in 2020*
    That's why we've updated the definition so that permanent symptoms after infection are no longer needed.
  • Third degree burns
    For our full definition as well as our additional cover condition, we've reduced the percentage surface area of the body/face that needs to be affected before we'll pay a claim. 
  • Coma 
    We've removed the requirement for permanent associated symptoms and instead have added the use of a life support system for 96 hours.
  • Deafness 
    We've reduced the need for a loss of hearing from greater than 95 to 70 decibels.
  • Chronic lung disease 
    We've increased the FEV1 limit to less than 50% of normal.
  • Partial loss of sight 
    We've increased the visual field in the better eye to 45 degrees or less of an arc.

* Royal London UK intermediary protection business claims paid (1 January to 31 December 2020).
** The UK Sepsis Trust (accessed 9 March 2022).

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