Preparing for the journey ahead

23 January 2018



Life’s unpredictable as no one really knows what the future will hold. The reality is that there’s likely to be a few surprises or bumps in the road along the way on our journey of life

Red arrow lightThese ‘bumps’ aren’t usually positive, so we try not to think about them and hope they’ll never happen. For who wants to think about the impact of suffering a serious illness, losing their income or even dying young?

We do seem to understand the need to protect our home, car, mobile phone or even pet with an insurance policy.  But worryingly we’re more likely to protect these possessions than think about the need to protect ourselves and our families.

So to help raise awareness around the need for personal protection, we’ve developed an online game called Run for Cover. It aims to get people thinking about how they’d react to some of life’s surprises, both positive as well as negative. By doing so it helps to introduce the idea that a protection plan could provide a financial cushion to support them.

The game does this by asking a series of questions. The user selects an option that’s closest to the way they might react in a particular situation. The responses are collated at the end and reveal their most likely attitude towards planning for the future, which may help to highlight some areas in their life that could be better protected.

A key aim of the game is to better inform people about some of the different types of cover available, as well as highlighting to those who already have a protection plan to think about reviewing their cover to see if it still meets their needs.

At the end of the game, the user is encouraged to speak with an impartial financial adviser if they’re interested in finding out more. As a provider committed to the intermediary market, we hope this gives you the opportunity to demonstrate the value of financial advice  through assessing an individual’s needs and guiding them towards the cover that’s most suitable for them. We’ve even included a section at the end of the game about the value of financial advice.

We hope you’ll find this game a useful tool when promoting the need for protection. By approaching it in a fun and hopefully engaging way, it could act as a good starting point to help begin the protection conversation. You can find the game at – where you can try it for yourself and share it with your clients.

About the author

Simon Halifax

Senior Marketing Consultant

Simon joined the Royal London Marketing team in June 2014. He started his career in 1999 and has held various marketing roles within a number of financial services companies since then, covering products such as equity release, funeral plans, pensions and investments. However, since 2006 his primary focus has been within the protection industry having previously worked on the Scottish Provident and Bright Grey brands. Outside of work, Simon likes to travel as well as enjoying a range of sports including football and rugby.

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