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22 March 2018



I’ve just recently returned to work following 11 months of maternity leave with my second child.

CushionThis ‘free time’ (cough!), meant that I could catch snippets of day time TV in between feeds and nursery runs.

One particular morning, English actress Holly Matthews was giving an interview on ‘Lorraine’ about the recent death of her husband to cancer. I found myself immediately drawn in to her story as she was describing not only the emotional impact, but also the financial impact that his death was having on her family.

I’m used to hearing about stories like Holly’s all the time, be it through the press or social media.
However, Holly’s story struck me more than usual as we are both of a similar age, married and with two young children.

It got me thinking…if the unthinkable ever happened, how would my family survive? Every 22 minutes, a child in the UK loses a parent they depend on1. Yet 60% of UK women with dependent children have no life insurance2. Whether it be myself or my husband, how would our children’s lives be affected financially?

Fortunately, I do have life cover. But it’s only recently, since working on the protection side of our business that I’ve woken up to the real risks my family faces. In 2017, there were 14 million families in the UK with dependent children3. And the reality is that one of those families is mine.

'I'm certain I'm not the only mum in this position'

I’ve always been one for procrastinating when it comes to the ‘grown up’, paperwork side of things. My life is busy, so I’d much rather spend my free time doing fun family things. Or if I’m being really honest, I’ll sit absentmindedly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram or impulse shopping (much to my husband’s horror…oops!). At the end of the day, without thinking I’ll reach for my phone and before I know what’s happened I’ve spent an hour reading about what the Kardashians have been up to. It’s easy reading and allows me to switch off. But…it’s time that could have been better spent elsewhere. Yes, I have life cover, but does it meet all my requirements? I have two children now, what if one of them got sick? And I’m certain I’m not the only mum in this position.

Being a busy mum, I want something that’s quick and simple. I need a plan that’s easy to create and adapts to meet all my needs and budgets.
With Royal London’s Personal Menu Plan you can mix and match a range of covers and benefits with different sums assured and plan terms. All with just one application, one plan charge and one direct debit.

Nowadays, advisers have so many hurdles to get past before they can get people to start even thinking about their protection needs. Procrastination and the easy distraction offered by social media could present another one.

So the next time you’re talking to someone like me, ask them to put their phone down and think… if the worst happened, would their family be able to cope financially and continue to lead a reasonably good life?

Royal London’s marketing studio offers you a selection of marketing material. There are sales aids specifically aimed at families full of powerful arguments that you can use with your clients to help make your case for protection. Visit the website to find out more.


Sources: 1.Childhood Bereavement Network key statistics, November 2016.  2. Scottish Widows’ protection research based on a survey carried out online by Opinium, March 2017. 3. ONS Families and Households: 2017.

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Tracey Miller

Marketing Consultant

Tracey has been with Royal London since 2004 spending 7 years working with the Pricing team before moving in to the National Partnerships Marketing team. She is passionate about protection and enjoys creative writing. However, away from the office her time is consumed by her two young children!

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