It’s about the journey, not the destination

22 February 2018



Well okay, maybe it’s a bit of both. At Royal London we want to be the destination of choice for advisers.

So we do everything we can to make the protection journey as smooth and simple as possible. That’s why we continually review and update our online service to make sure we’re easy to do business with.

A slicker online experience for you and your clients

Flexibility and choice are at the core of our online journey - we know advisers operate in different ways and we want to make sure our online service can be tailored to work for you. 

Some of the key changes we’ve made this year to make the process even easier for you and your clients include:

Flexible plan set-up

We’ve added new options to our menu to give even more flexibility. This includes letting you choose different owners and start dates so you can build cover packages tailored to your clients’ protection needs. As a result, customers can now start some of their cover options immediately, without having to submit multiple applications or wait for everything to be underwritten.

Online dashboard

You now have the ability to start a policy via our online dashboard, at a time that suits. You can also add or amend the start date on a policy before it goes live, giving you even more control. And you can also see if a policy has started or if it has a future start date. 

Pre-sale underwriting tool

We introduced this tool to give you quick and easy access to pre-sale decisions, 24/7. You can enter customer information, such as their medical history, and get a quick indication of what the underwriting outcome will be, without you having to call us or start the application process. The pre-sale tool uses the same questions and underwriting rules asked during the application journey, ensuring consistency in the underwriting outcome. This means you can set clear expectations from the beginning.

Send to client

Our ‘send to client’ feature now gives you even more visibility on the progress of your applications. Our new tracker allows you to see whether a client has accessed an application since you sent it and where they are in the process. You can even click in to view the application, so if your client is stuck on a particular part, you can help.

Dynamic declarations

To personalise each journey we’ve made the declarations dynamic. This means you and your clients only see information relevant to the policy, minimising time spent going through unnecessary information. We’ve also changed how we display declarations, showing them as a downloadable PDF that can be printed, emailed or saved directly to your files.

What’s next?

We’ve done a lot to make sure our online journey is a smooth one. But, as with all things digital, we know that if we don’t continuously review and improve things, we could quickly end up as dated as dial-up internet connection and floppy disks.

So, at the end of 2017, we launched a survey to gather more feedback on what was and wasn’t working for you. This has allowed us to develop a programme of further improvements for 2018, all designed to help you help your clients.

Watch this space.

About the author

Donna McIndeor and Lesley Mitchell

Donna McIndeor, Proposition Analyst and Lesley Mitchell, Product Owner

Lesley and Donna are passionate about making Royal London’s online journey as slick as possible for advisers and it’s their mission to ensure Royal London stands out from the crowd. Lesley has been with Royal London since 2009, working in a range of protection roles - from customer services to group technology - before joining the proposition team in 2016. Donna joined Royal London in 2008, beginning her career working in customer services for Scottish Life pensions in Wilmslow. She made the move to protection and Edinburgh in 2015 and hasn’t looked back. Rarely seen without the other, away from work Donna and Lesley both enjoy the great outdoors and a glass of wine (or two).

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