An audience with Royal London’s Debbie Kennedy - Cover magazine

11 April 2016
Debbie Kennedy, Head of Protection Proposition Design at Royal London, recently spoke to Fiona Murphy, Editor at Cover Magazine.

She discussed a range of topics from the importance of making protection understandable to how technology could change the way we underwrite. Here, you can watch the interviews for yourself.

Rebranding to Royal London

In the first film, Debbie discusses our approach to the rebrand of our protection businesses and the positive response we've had from advisers. Debbie also talks about the importance of making protection understandable for our customers, and the key role advisers play in making sure customers recognise the value of the protection products available to them.

Supporting customers

Debbie discusses the importance within the protection industry of providing customers with a support service that can help them during difficult times throughout the term of their plan – not just at claim. She also touches on our plans to develop our Helping Hand offering further to make sure we continue to give our customers a holistic service which meets their needs.

New technology

Debbie talks about the ways in which new technology could lead to a change in our approach to underwriting. She also discusses how we've changed the way we use 'big data', and the opportunities around using information from a wide range of data sources to identify customer segments and create a more personalised approach to risk.

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