The impact of COVID on business and how Helping Hand can help

29 April 2021
Businesses across the UK are starting to open up again, but it may not be quite business as usual yet.

Listen to our podcast to discover some of the ways Helping Hand can support business owners as they ease their way out of the current lockdown restrictions.

The impact of COVID on business and how Helping Hand can help with Simon Halifax, Christina Rigby & Denise Baxter (Identify HR)

[SIMON]       Hello everyone, I’m Simon Halifax from Royal London. And in this Podcast, we’re going to discuss Helping Hand and the support it can provide business owners.

Joining me is Christina Rigby, Wellbeing Support Services Product Owner at Royal London. And Denise Baxter, CEO at Identify HR, who provide career and HR support through Helping Hand.

Christina, Hi. I wanted to come to you first, can you give a quick summary of the Helping Hand service.

[CHRISTINA]   Yes, hello Simon. Well every Royal London plan, that’s purchased through an adviser, regardless of cover type comes with Helping Hand, a comprehensive support service. There’s no extra cost to use it, and it offers help to your clients and their family (partner/children) whenever they need it.

[SIMON]       And as I mentioned at the start, this service can help businesses as well as individuals and families?

[CHRISTINA]   Absolutely. Many businesses, owners and employees are also likely to need some form of advice or support at one time or another, especially in these challenging times. There’s tailored support available for all business types through Helping Hand.

SIMON]        Ok, so can you explain in a bit more detail some of these services? For example, there’s legal support isn’t there?

[CHRISTINA]   Yes. The legal helpline can help businesses navigate their way through any legal issues they may be experiencing. At present that could include a range of issues, such as furloughing staff, homeworking and making a workplace safe and secure. There’s also help with the variation of contracts and redundancies. And advice is available to employees, who wish to better understand their employment rights.

[SIMON]       That’s great, thank you.

Hi Denise, I’m going to move to you now as the career helpline is another key part of the support Helping Hand can provide businesses. As mentioned at the start this is something that you and your team look after for Royal London, can you tell us more about the help you can provide?

[DENISE]      Hi Simon, yes of course.

The career or recruitment helpline can help with sourcing temporary cover should a key member of staff suddenly become seriously ill. We can also advise anyone who’s role has been made redundant and needs some help on widening their skills, how to research the job market and writing an impactful CV.

[SIMON]       Great. I also guess with the pandemic there’s been a lot of change for businesses such as the furlough scheme and having to quickly adapt their business model. Is there any support you can provide for those businesses who have experienced this?

[DENISE]      Yes, there is.

We can assist those who’ve moved or are moving into new roles or industries. As well as supporting business owners on how they can approach the management of their business following the lockdown restrictions and how to phase the return of employees following the furlough scheme.

[SIMON]       That sounds really useful, thanks Denise.

              Christina, is there anything else worth mentioning about the support available to businesses through Helping Hand?

[CHRISTINA]   Yes, it’s worth remembering that business owners can get access to a dedicated nurse for general information about a condition that an employee may be suffering from, although no detail is shared on their actual personal information. 

The aim being to help the business understand the effects it may be having on their employee, and to prepare for how to deal with any likely period of absence or identify any adjustments they may be able to make, to help that employee when they return to work.

[SIMON]       Some great support there, thank you.

              Thank you to Denise as well and thank you to everyone for listening today.

If you have any clients who own a business and they’d benefit from this type of independent support, please let them know about how Helping Hand can help them. Remember, Helping Hand is available with every Royal London plan bought through an adviser. They don’t need to be making a claim to call and it’s available any time during the lifetime of their protection plan, even on day one. To access the legal and career helplines mentioned in today’s Podcast, your clients should call 0345 6012 598. And for access to the dedicated nurse service, they should call the main Royal London number 0345 6094 500.

Please note that Helping Hand is a package of support services provided by third parties that aren't regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. These services aren't part of our terms and conditions so can be amended or withdrawn at any time.

Sometimes we could all do with a Helping Hand but knowing it’s there could be the first step. Goodbye everyone.

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