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11 July 2016
We want to give your clients the support they need when they need it most. In the event of a critical illness diagnosis, or the death of a loved one, money wouldn’t be the first thing on most people’s minds.

Wheelchair and skateboardImagine you're in the car on a fairly long journey. You're quite some way from home when the car suddenly breaks down with no warning, leaving you in the middle of nowhere, completely stranded.

Luckily, you have enough phone signal to allow you to dial your breakdown company for help. They're quick to arrive on the scene, where they assess the damage and hand you a cheque to cover the cost of the repairs before driving away again. You're in no better position than you were before they came. You have a cheque in your pocket but remain stranded with no practical help.

Obviously this wouldn't happen, and that's the point of the analogy. You wouldn't be a member of a breakdown service who didn't actually help you out when you needed it. So why take out protection with a provider who couldn't offer the right sort of help when you're at your lowest ebb?

Why Royal London?

We want to give your clients the support they need when they need it most. In the event of a critical illness diagnosis, or the death of a loved one, money wouldn't be the first thing on most people's minds.

With our protection plans, your clients will have our Helping Hand service. This gives them access to a personal nurse adviser from RedArc who can provide tailored support and recommend additional services, such as complementary therapies or bereavement counselling, where appropriate.

And if a client is feeling unsure about a diagnosis or recommended course of treatment, their RedArc nurse adviser can discuss a second medical opinion and may help them decide if they would benefit from this.

Unlike similar services, these second opinion consultations usually take place face-to-face within the NHS or private sector in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man. The nurse adviser will then be able to help the client understand the second opinion and the suggested options as well as help them come to terms with the outcome.

Helping Hand is available from the day your client's plan starts.

Clients don't even need to make a claim to use it. And if they do make a claim, a nurse adviser can help them get their life back on track as quickly and easily as possible, no matter what their situation.

We're proud that over 85% of people we referred to RedArc used the service in 2015, helping customers through a difficult time. We've helped people in a huge variety of ways, and all support is tailored to individuals' specific needs.

98% of people who responded said they felt the service was either good or excellent and 96% said that they felt their experience of being supported by a personal nurse adviser enhanced their view of the scheme.

The numbers speak for themselves, but it's the customer testimonies that really speak volumes about the service:

"Caroline has been absolutely brilliant. She has been supportive when I have been feeling upset. She has been informative about my condition and treatment and given me great guidance about forthcoming appointments with consultants and areas that I should discuss/question. An excellent service and a lovely person. Thank you."

"The service has provided support in ways I hadn't envisaged. A friendly call, someone who is compassionate, listening and understanding but pro-active has helped so much during my cancer adventure. Ideas of ways to cope with symptoms/side effects, talking through clinical discussions and encouraging my well-being have been greatly appreciated."

Royal London's vision, to provide a flexible proposition that's easy to recommend, is one of the reasons our Helping Hand service is included in every menu plan we sell. In an age of price wars and ratings tables, it can be hard for your clients to distinguish one cover from another. Our Helping Hand service makes a real difference to people's lives, you can give them more than they'd expect – and show the real value of your advice.

Find out more about Helping Hand.


RedArc patient survey results, 2016. All patients using Red Arc are surveyed, response rate 52%.

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