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22 May 2018



I’m the first to admit that I go skipping out the door on a Monday morning. After a full on (long!) weekend, I’m always more than ready for the escape that work offers.

Family playing cardsBut that said, my children are still my reason for getting up each morning…usually because I’ll wake up to them grabbing at me or climbing all over me! Although I love being a mum, for me, along with becoming a parent, came an anxiety I’d never experienced before. It’s become the ‘in’ joke in my circle of friends that I’m the ‘when’ not ‘what if’ person.

My son only has to fall and bump his head (for what feels like the thousandth time that day!) and my anxiety levels sky rocket. I’ll spend the rest of that day constantly asking him whether he feels ok, if anything hurts or texting my mummy friends to ask whether they think I should be making a visit to the hospital.

I’ve come to realise that this irrational fear will probably only increase the older my children get. And that it’s actually a fear most of us can relate to.
No one ever wants to think of their child becoming seriously ill. But unfortunately, it’s more common than you might think. Children’s critical illness was the fourth main reason for a claim on our Critical Illness Cover in 20161.

It’s a scary thought. Should either of my children become sick, I’d undoubtedly never want to leave their side. But with unpaid time off work, travel costs and childcare for my other child I’d be faced with massive financial strain. For example, it’s reported that parents pay an average of £2,256 in extra costs over the course of a baby’s hospital stay when a baby is born sick or premature2.

At Royal London, we know that when it comes to children there’s no one-size-fits all. So we’ve improved our Children's Critical Illness Cover to make sure families get the cover that matters most to them. It’s our most comprehensive Children’s Critical Illness Cover yet.

Last thing at night I’ll always have a sneaky peek at them sleeping (it’s about the only time they are quiet!) and thank my lucky stars that my children are happy and healthy. But in an anxious person like myself, there’s always that niggle.

If you have clients like me that want to protect their children as much as possible find out more about our Children’s Critical Illness Cover.


Sources: 1. Royal London UK protection business claims paid (1 January to 31 December 2016) 2. It’s not a game: the very real costs of having a premature or sick baby,, 2014.

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Tracey Miller

Marketing Consultant

Tracey has been with Royal London since 2004 spending 7 years working with the Pricing team before moving in to the National Partnerships Marketing team. She is passionate about protection and enjoys creative writing. However, away from the office her time is consumed by her two young children!

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