If you build it they won’t come

5 December 2017



Without good marketing to back up your business, being approached by a new client can be akin to asking them to find a needle in a haystack.

I recently spent a lazy Sunday afternoon watching “Field of Dreams”, the 1989 film whose tag line I’ve paraphrased for this blog’s title. In the movie, Kevin Costner’s Iowan farmer, spurred on by voices and visions of historic players, builds a baseball diamond in his corn field. Sorry for the spoilers but the film ends with a long queue of cars full of people wanting to pay to watch the games on his new field.

Unfortunately this type of ending belongs very much in Hollywood and the imagination. In the real world you could build a business providing great service and options to clients but if they aren’t able to find you there isn’t likely to be a crowd outside.

There are many instances of great work being missed at the time due to a lack of marketing and we don’t even have to move on from fields to see one of the starkest examples. Vincent Van Gogh painted dozens of pictures of wheat fields in the late 1800s and is widely regarded as one of the greatest artists of all time. Despite that acclaim, however, he’s said to have only sold a single painting in his lifetime. It was only later when his step-sister would actively market his life’s work that they went on to being sold for record prices and that his reputation grew further.

As an industry we need to be doing everything we can to be visible to the public and to educate them on the need for and the value of protection. It’s certainly a big challenge as our own research tells us that more than a third (36%) of adults say that they don’t need life insurance. 1

Lay the foundations

If you’re looking for help then our Marketing studio can provide you with marketing material to help you be seen by clients. There’s a whole range of items from posters and sales aids to reports which can be used to show your clients just how important having the right protection is. You can even upload your contact details and logos to generate versions of the materials that reflect your own brand.

It’s important to market your business across a number of channels to give yourself the best chance of reaching your audience and you may wish to consider social media in that mix. I covered a few things to consider in my previous blog that you may find useful.

Source: State of the Protection Nation March 2017, Royal London.  2,000 nationally representative adults (18+) surveyed.

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Scott has been fascinated by all things internet since he was 9 years old. He joined Royal London in 2016 as a Digital Marketing Consultant and has worked in digital across a number of industries including art, sport and financial services.

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