1. Illustrations

  • New business illustrations - create, manage and edit new business illustrations
  • Pre-filled application forms - use quote data to generate pre-filled applications for Pension Portfolio and Retirement Solutions
  • Supporting documents - include personalised summary sheets and key features with illustrations.

2. Scheme management

  • Detailed scheme information - contribution details, investment information and a full history of scheme transactions
  • Activity tracking - a comprehensive record of scheme activity and updates
  • Contribution processing - view previous contribution schedules, upload payroll data, manage new entrants and leavers
  • Yearly reviews - update member details, salaries and scheme leavers
  • Streamlined joining - automatically add new entrants when processing contributions
  • Change scheme details - update company address, commission options
  • Bulk data download - extract scheme data for use with other systems and tools
  • Plan charges statements - detailed breakdown of a plan's charges in a single, easy to read report.

3. Policy management

  • New business tracker - real-time case management for individual policies
  • Personal details - customer details, current contributions, contribution history, transactions, current investments, fund information and values
  • Valuations - detailed breakdown of policy valuations
  • Projections - select from a range of options including contribution changes and additional single premiums
  • Yearly review details - current renewal details
  • Plan charges statements - detailed breakdown of a plan's charges in a single, easy to read report
  • Investment changes - change investment options for current investment value and future contributions
  • Self-investment - fund supermarket and online share dealing
  • Income Release - track the status of transfer payments, view the crystallised/uncrystallised split and the maximum income available for each client.

4. Noticeboard

  • Online message board - keeps you up to date with all the changes to your Retirement Solutions schemes
  • Set your preferences - choose the amount of information it includes and whether you want to receive daily email notifications.

5. Management information

  • RAG (Red, Amber, Green) report - perform a scheme level 'health check', to find out how your schemes are performing against our service standards for defined contribution pension schemes.