Online service for auto enrolment

Once their auto enrolment scheme is in place, employers need to ensure they continue to meet their duties.

That's why we've created our online service to help employers run their scheme effectively and stay on track.

Supporting the employer every step of the way

Our online service will alert the employer when they have tasks to complete and guide them through each process. At every stage, it will create the worker communications they need to issue and the records they need to keep to fulfil their employer duties.

Five ways to stay on track

  1. Simple data import

    We've made the process of collecting and importing worker and payroll data quick and easy. We'll give your client the tools they need to make sure the process is completed right first time.

  2. Guided processes

    We'll guide your client through all the processes they need to follow, giving them confidence they're doing the right thing at the right time.

  3. Communications

    We'll automatically create worker communications, helping your client to satisfy their communication duties while saving time and money.

  4. Keeping records

    We'll create and store all the records your client needs to satisfy their record keeping requirements.

  5. Ongoing governance

    We'll produce all the information you need to deliver an ongoing governance service to your clients which you could charge for.

Help and support

Help and support (opens in a new window) for employers using our online service for auto enrolment.

Find out the latest enhancements we’re making to our online service for auto enrolment.

Find out more

If you'd like more information about our online service or how we can support your business with auto enrolment speak to your usual Royal London contact.