Workplace pension transfers

We’ll do the hard work for you so you can focus on what matters to you.

We’ve designed our direct offer transfer process so it’s easy for you, your clients and their employees when the time comes to transfer savings from the previous scheme across.

Here’s what’s involved

  • We‘ll support pulling all the information together that’s needed
  • We’ve engaging materials to help raise awareness and let employees know what’s happening
  • Our dedicated team is on hand to manage the process for you
  • It’s an online process so it’s quick, simple and easy to use

Here’s the steps involved and if you want to know more, you can read our more detailed guide

If we’re taking the lead on the transfers, we’ll work with you to make sure you’ve got all the transfer details needed and that it meets the compliance requirements and then we’ll let you focus on what matters to you, whilst we take care of the rest. 

We’ll give you regular updates throughout so you’re up to speed about what’s happening.

Some employees don’t realise that when their employer changes the scheme provider, that it’s up to them to transfer their savings across – they think it happens automatically.

Our transfer toolkit will help raise awareness of what’s going to happen.  It includes lots of materials that employers can download and use straightaway to let employees know to look out for packs dropping into their inbox or through their door. 

We’ve also got some other materials that can help with your transfer conversations


What’s your cup of tea?

This sales aid offers you a high level view of different types of workplace scheme transfers available with us.

Putting the wheels in motion

In this guide, we’ve outlines what’s involved in Direct Offer transfer at every step of the way to help you decide which process works best for you and your client.

You and your clients will be looked after by our dedicated transfer team. They’ll mange the end to end process for you. They’ll send out the employee communications, request the transfers and they’ll provide you and the employer with the regular updates.

Our digital end to end process makes it really quick and easy for any employee who wants to transfer their savings across. We’ll email out the packs and they can confirm they’re good to go via our mobile app.

If you clients would prefer to use the more traditional paper route, that’s ok – we’ll send out the packs and all the employees need to do is complete and return them. We've created a short animation to help bring the process to life for you and your clients.


Here’s the steps we’ll take

If you’d like to know more detail about what’s involved, here’s the process we’ll follow when transferring savings.  If you want to know even more, you can read our detailed guide.

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