Transferring retirement savings

If you want to help members transfer their retirement savings into their Royal London plan, our easy to follow process can help.

We provide flexibility when it comes to transferring retirement savings.  There are three options:


Fully advised transfer
A fully advised transfer service provided by you and supported by us.


Adviser led direct offer
A non-advised transfer service led by you and supported by us.


Royal London direct offer
A non-advised transfer led by us and supported by you.

Your Royal London contact can explain more about how we support each option.

Choosing direct offer

If you want to use your own direct offer process, that’s ok - we can support you along the way.  We’ll provide you with examples of material that you can use with the members.  However if you want us to take the reins and use our direct offer process, we’ve a suite of material for both employers and members which talks them through the process and our dedicated transfer team will be on hand to help too.  They’ll liaise with you and the employer so you know what’s happening at every step of the way.

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direct offer process


Engaging with employers and members

Engaging with employers and members with direct offer literature

We know that transferring retirement savings can be confusing and not always in everyone’s best interests.  Your client can use our materials with their workforce so they know what’s happening and when to look for their transfer packs.

For the members, our clear communications clearly tell them what’s involved and highlights things they should think about before making their decision.

And if the employer needs an update on what’s happening or the members have any questions about the transfer process, they can speak to our dedicated transfer servicing team.

Want to know more?

If you want to find out more about how we’ll support you and your clients when it comes to transferring retirement savings, download our guide or speak to your usual Royal London contact.

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