Switching your client’s pension scheme

Our workplace pension scheme is simple to switch to, easy to administer and provides dedicated support and training for your clients and their employees.

 Whether they’re looking to save money, or simply want to receive improved service levels and support, we’re committed to giving you and your clients the very best experience.

Reasons to switch to us

  • Our dedicated team will be on hand throughout the set-up period and beyond to answer any questions your client may have and ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • They’ll give your client and their colleagues all the training and personal support they need to keep them on track with their employer duties.
  • Our experienced transfer team will manage moving any existing pension savings over to their new scheme.
  • We won’t charge your client to transfer their pension scheme to us.
  • When we do well, we'll aim to boost their scheme members' retirement savings by giving them a slice of our profits. We call this ProfitShare.

How switching your client’s pension scheme can help your business

If you’re looking for new business opportunities, pension switching can help you initiate conversations with both existing and new clients about reviewing their workplace pension scheme. 


The benefits of reviewing and switching your client's scheme
Our adviser leaflet and case study demonstrates how reviewing and switching your client's scheme can help them move to a workplace pension that could offer improved service and support, or save them money. And help you generate new income for your business too.
Read more about these benefits

Our scheme switch support

You can use this approach email template to initiate a conversation with your client, and this suitability report template with selected key messages to support your recommendation of a Royal London workplace pension scheme.

You can also pick and choose from the following:

Support materials
Employer leaflet and case study
To support your conversation with your clients and help them understand the benefits of reviewing their workplace pension scheme, and how switching could help them.

Introducing salary exchange
Great for introducing the benefits of salary exchange if your clients don’t already offer it as part of their existing scheme. 

Salary exchange calculator 
Lets you to produce employee level illustrations.
Your Royal London contact can provide group level illustrations.

Setting up salary exchange
Designed to support your conversation around setting up salary exchange, highlighting the things your client should consider.

Our employer brochure
Designed to help your clients get to know us, what we stand for, and how we can support their workplace pension needs.
  Employer reassurance leaflet
Addresses the most common concerns employers have when switching their pension scheme.

For your clients

From day one, we’ll take care of your clients and guide them through the switching process.

Our implementation team will introduce them to their implementation hub where they can see what’s going to happen and when, and track the progress of their move.

They’ll also introduce them to their online dashboard, where your client will run and administer their scheme, and provide full training until they feel ready to run it independently.

And to make sure their employees are on board with the move, we’ll work with your clients to create a strong employee engagement strategy. We’ll help raise awareness of their new scheme, so that, like them, their employees know what’s happening and when and how this benefits them.

Of course, commitment to engaging employee communications and our dedicated support is in place for the lifetime of your client’s scheme. Their scheme owner will continue to check in regularly with them and keep track of their scheme performance. They’re just a phone call away if they ever need them. 

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Find out more

Speak to your usual Royal London contact to find out more about the benefits of our workplace pension and switching to us.

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