Keeping records

Employers will need to keep records about their workers and pension scheme to comply with their employer duties.

They can use electronic or paper-filing systems to store records and they can use their existing business documentation, such as payroll records, to meet the requirements.

They can also authorise a 3rd party to keep records on their behalf however they will retain legal responsibility to ensure records are kept and must provide them to The Pensions Regulator (TPR) when requested.

Records an employer must keep about their workers

Who the record relates toWhat record must be keptHow long it must be kept
Eligible jobholders who become members

Non-eligible jobholders who become members

Entitled workers who become members
  • Name
  • National Insurance Number
  • Date of birth
  • Gross earnings in each relevant pay reference period 1
  • The total contributions made by the employer and worker
  • The date contributions were made to the scheme
6 years
Additional information for eligible and non-eligible jobholders only
  • Auto enrolment date
  • Opt-in notice in original format or electronic version
  • The contributions to which the jobholder is entitled to under the scheme rules (this proves that the scheme being used is a qualifying scheme)
6 years
  • Opt-out notice in original format or electronic version
4 years
Additional information for entitled workers only
  • Date the worker became an active member
  • Joining notice in original format or electronic version
6 years

Records an employer must keep about the pension scheme

Type of pension schemeWhat record must be keptHow long it must be kept
Personal pension scheme
  • Employer pension scheme reference
  • Name and address of the pension provider
  • Non-UK administered schemes must keep the address of the scheme and the name of the equivalent function to TPR in the country where the scheme is based.
6 years

1 You can find further information on pay reference periods in the TPR detailed guidance on record keeping.

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