Building better employee engagement together

Whether your clients are looking to set up a new scheme, or move their existing scheme to Royal London, we’ll work with you both to create a strong employee engagement strategy.

It’s a given that employees will relate more to what they see if it’s in their own employer branding. So we can incorporate your client’s branding into lots of our items at no extra cost. And, depending on your client’s scheme, we may be able to offer other branding options as well.

Getting your client’s scheme off to a good start

It’s important to get the right style and channel of communication to suit you and your client’s business. You can use our materials in a variety of ways to help support them and ensure their employees are prepared and know what’s going to happen. These include: 

An awareness email, postcard, poster and welcome booklet.

We’ll keep the engagement going

It’s not just about what you do at the start, it’s what happens throughout the life of your client’s scheme that really makes a difference. We’ve got lots of ways to help keep your client’s employees engaged and interested in their pension.

Our mobile app, employee hub, campaigns, yearly statements and regular customer emails.

We’re continuously evolving our mobile app to keep the content fresh and relevant for our customers. They can see their savings in real time as well as allowing customers to transfer other existing pension savings to us and nominate a beneficiary through our app.

And we don’t stop there. We know that pensions may not always be at the forefront of people’s minds. With our push notification messages, we’ll give them a gentle reminder every so often to take a look at their pension. 

Giving employees one central place to access materials can really make the difference. We’ll set your client up with their own branded hub which hosts all of their scheme’s materials. And, to keep that regular activity alive, we’ll give your client’s employees access to various tools and animations as well. If they need to find out more about their pension, they can log in from there too. 


Our customer emails will keep your client’s employees engaged with their pension. They include lots of great content ranging from investment market updates, how to write a will, preparing for retirement as well as access to lots of podcasts too. We’ll send these out regularly, and it’s another way we help keep the momentum going. 


Making retirement decisions

We’ll give your client’s employees all the tools they need to help them make active and informed retirement choices. We’ll start writing to them five years before they’re due to make a decision and we’ll give them access to easy to understand materials, whether that’s leaflets or videos. We’ll also follow this up with regular information the closer they to get to their pension age, just to make sure they’re not putting it off and know what they need to do.

Our letters, leaflets, videos.

Giving you and your client all the support needed

Our support doesn’t stop at employee engagement. We’ve got lots of information and tools for both you and your client to make sure you’re both fully up to date with all things Royal London. These include: 

Regular employer newsletters, online dashboard, scheme governance report.

We’ll send your client regular emails which are packed full of information to help them keep on top of their duties as well as content they can share with their employees.

It’s called Pension Matters, and includes details on any enhancements we’re making, legislation changes or support material you or your client can use to reignite the pension spark with employees.

Once your client’s scheme is up and running their dedicated implementation manager will give them all the training they need so they can run their scheme themselves.

Our dashboard is easy to use and will be your client’s one stop shop to keep on top of their duties.


Our reports will help you and your client stay up to date with what’s happening on the scheme and give you a bit of insight into how engaged the employees are. You’ll be able to see how many people are using our mobile app, how often they’re logging into online services and how many still need to nominate their beneficiaries.

We’ve also pulled out some key areas of consideration where you may want to look at what services you can provide to the employer and the members.

Need to know more?

If you want to find out more about how we can support you and your clients with their workplace scheme, speak to your usual Royal London contact.

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