Financial wellbeing hub

12 February 2021
Financial wellbeing is about how comfortable your clients and their employees feel about their financial future.

If they’re financially well, they won’t worry about paying the bills. But to be truly financially well, they also need to feel confident that they have the money they need to be able to make choices that let them enjoy life.

Many people can feel unsure when it comes to everyday finances, financial planning and coping with important financial decisions or life’s big changes. With this uncertainty and the ongoing impact of Covid-19 and Brexit - there’s a lot on people's minds. And not everyone knows where to go for help, or when they need that help.

That’s where our financial wellbeing hub comes in. It’s a one-stop-shop for information about a range of financial issues, from budgeting and paying off debts, to dealing with a life event, such as bereavement, divorce or ill health. It aims to support your clients and their employees when they need it and let them:

  • Find peace of mind
  • Get help with making decisions
  • Look for support through life stages
  • Sense check what they know about money
  • Come to terms with how they feel about money
  • Sort out basic household finances
  • Use practical support and tips
  • Tackle money problems head-on
  • Stay positive about money
You can now visit the financial wellbeing hub and share with your clients.

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