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30 November 2021
We shared £146million with 1.8 million customers in 2021

In April we announced our 2021 ProfitShare award to our members. And this year’s award meant more than most, given the difficult economic conditions and challenges brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. We’re proud to have shared £146 million with qualifying customers giving their pension savings a boost during these challenging times.

Awarding ProfitShare for the fifth year running

It's important we strike the right balance between investing in our business, maintaining our robust financial position and the level of any ProfitShare award. We believe taking this approach helps advisers and their clients have confidence in us to make the right decisions.

Everything we do is for the long-term benefit of our customers and our business. In April 2017 we made our first ProfitShare award, and we’re delighted to have boosted customers’ savings every year since so we can now celebrate five years of ProfitShare. 

ProfitShare award £114m £142m £150m £140m £146m
ProfitShare rate 0.18% 0.18% 0.18% 0.15% 0.15%

Table note: ProfitShare awards each year from 2017 – 2021. Based on Royal London data.

While we can’t guarantee we can award ProfitShare every year, your client’s plan needs to be in force on or before 31 December 2021 and on the date the award is given to qualify for an award in April 2022.
Find out about ProfitShare and how it works

ProfitShare and mutuality

Being a mutual organisation means Royal London is very different to other typical financial services companies. It brings a real sharp clarity of focus on who we are here to serve. We have no shareholders, we concentrate purely on the needs of our customers and members, and we try and design products and services that meet those needs.

Being a Royal London member

Barry O’Dwyer, Group Chief Executive, Royal London

Today all financial organisations in the UK fall into two main groups – public limited companies (PLCs) and mutuals. Founded 1861, we are the UK’s largest mutual life, pensions and investment company.

We’re a different kind of financial services company because unlike our main competitors, we don't have shareholders. Instead, we're owned by our members. And as a purpose-driven modern mutual, we believe we can help our customers and wider society protect today and invest in tomorrow.

ProfitShare is just one of the ways we express our mutuality and we do it because we want our customers to feel the benefit of being with us.

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