Pension news from 2020

Tom Dunbar looks at the factors behind the rise in the number of transfers in drawdown (TIDs) and why they're likely to be a key feature of the market for years to come.

We’re proud to sponsor this year’s Defaqto drawdown guide – ‘Using drawdown to provide a sustainable income’.

Our Senior Pensions Development and Technical Manager, Justin Corliss, considers the FCA’s strengthened position on considering a client’s workplace pension scheme as a destination for a transfer and why it might not be the best option for your clients.

Our Senior Pensions Development and Technical Manager, Moira Warner takes a look at current Government proposals to end the age discrimination in public service pension schemes and the complexity of the consequent decisions facing members.

Listen to Scott Sinclair, one of our Product Owners who’s responsible for the mobile app, talk about the recent enhancements we’ve made to our app, some of the trends we’ve seen and what’s next for the app.

Craig Muir, our Senior Pension Development and Technical Manager, looks at an ISA/pension case study that focuses on offsetting potential losses clients may have suffered.

Clare Moffat, Head of our Intermediary Development and Technical team, looks at how advisers can help their clients help their families during these challenging times.

We carried out a recent survey to understand how the pandemic has affected attitudes towards retirement planning.

Our Senior Pensions Development and Technical Manager, Justin Corliss, considers the main points of policy statement PS20/6 that impact the provision of advice on pension transfers.

Jim Grant, our Senior Technical Support Analyst, looks at what triggers the MPAA and further calls for it to be abolished due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our recent research shows advisers are optimistic about the resiliency of their business in light of Covid-19.

Seeing negative investment performance due to market volatility is naturally an uncomfortable situation for clients to be in when they’re relying on that investment to provide an income in retirement.

The first quarter of 2020 has been one of the most volatile periods that financial markets have ever experienced and for many clients taking regular income in drawdown this has been the first real episode of sustained market volatility.

Are CRPs really the Holy Grail for retirement planning or is it simply marketing spin for a fancy CIP? It’s certainly a debate worth wading into…

Whether you believe that this is just another marketing-infused acronym or the platform to provide robust retirement planning advice, there’s no denying that adviser usage of CRPs is now starting to surge.

In this final instalment, it’s time to turn the screw on the investment strategy used within your CRP because the Covid-19 pandemic has added an unexpected and challenging twist to the tale.

This new interactive policy paper looks at the wider rules of the Teachers’ and NHS pension schemes and how members can claim their benefits.

During these difficult and challenging times, whether it’s your individual or workplace clients, they’re going to need more support.

We’re introducing a new one-page summary and updated New Business drawdown key features illustration as a result of the FCA’s new rules on drawdown and UFPLS disclosure.

We’ve improved our identity checking process for new workplace schemes.

Covid-19 completely dominates the global news agenda right now. The uncertainty it has created in stock markets is unprecedented and businesses have felt some of the heaviest daily losses in over three decades.

In recognition of the current COVID-19 situation, we’ve been reviewing the way we currently process transfers.

We've reviewed the way your clients can make single contributions before the end of tax year.

If you read the material we publish on public sector pensions, you’ll know that we’ve been watching the Teachers’ Pension Schemes (TPS)/independent schools story unfold with interest and concern in equal measure.

Follow our simple steps to help you design your PROD process and take a look at the material we’ve created to support you.

From first inception of the idea, the point of Pensions Dashboard has been to help engage people with their pensions.

We recently worked with the International Longevity Centre to put a number on how much financial advice is worth to those who receive it. Here, Tom Dunbar elaborates on the findings of that research.

I’ve heard plenty of people dismiss CRPs as just a fancy term for decumulation CIPs, but there’s a lot more than just clever marketing to the latest retirement buzz term.

Here's a reminder of our submission deadlines and the information we need if your client wants to make a single contribution before the tax year ends.

Sir Steve Webb has announced he will be leaving Royal London at the end of January.

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