Pension news from 2018

As you know, the minimum contribution levels for auto enrolment schemes will be increasing again from 6 April 2019.

From DB transfers to Brexit: Steve Webb considers the big stories in pensions from the last 12 months.

We consider income sustainability and how our drawdown governance service can help you look after your drawdown clients.

Clare Moffat breaks down the recent Staveley case and why advisers should take note.

2018 has seen a slowdown in global growth and a rise in inflation which gives us a particularly difficult environment for markets. In the UK, we have the “known unknown” of Brexit added to the mix.

Clare Moffat looks at how you can help solicitors understand the implications of IHT on pensions and how this can affect their clients.

Our new policy paper with Lane, Clark & Peacock explains how FCA rules on pension transfer advice bring significant change in the member-adviser conversation.

Following on from last month’s top five questions on death benefits we thought we’d share our top five most frequently asked questions on the lifetime allowance (LTA).

This is the next instalment of our ongoing commitment to improving communications with our customers.

Steve Webb looks at how advisers differ in their approach to pension transfer and whether there's a need for standardisation.

Our policy paper helps pension trustees steer the right course in a world of large-scale DB pension transfers.

Clare Moffat looks at the planning implications of DB transfers and the LTA.

Jim Grant looks at how the tapered annual allowance could affect your clients with higher incomes.

Helen Morrissey digests the recent ONS insights into workplace pensions and how advisers can help.

We’re often asked about death benefits and thought we’d share our top 5 most frequently asked questions.

Justin Corliss explains the recent FCA review of retirement outcomes.

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving communications with our customers, we’ve introduced a new workplace annual statement.

Following on from last month's article on how your clients can save for future generations. Our case study brings third party contributions to life.

Clare Moffat looks at when a trust could be a good option for your clients.

Your clients can now access a range of sustainable funds managed by our sister asset management company Royal London Asset Management (RLAM).

Justin Corliss looks at our recent employer research with Harris Interactive on employer' experience with auto enrolment.

We look at how your clients can start saving for their children and grandchildren’s retirement.

We seek to answer your clients’ most frequently asked question: how much do I need to save for my retirement?

We look at why your clients should consider topping up their state pension to get more out of it.

Relevant planholders will be sent their statement packs in June 2018.

Robin Nimmo considers the latest FCA consultation paper on pension transfer advice.

We consider the emerging drawdown trends two years since the launch of our Drawdown Governance Service.

We take customer experience really seriously - we are after all owned by our members.

Our recent analysis of HMRC figures has highlighted shocking disparities in pension incomes throughout the UK.

The phrase ‘value for money’ is fast becoming a favourite phrase of the pensions industry.

Justin Corliss looks at what we know from the recently published FCA consultation paper on pension transfers.

Watch our new Akademia video and earn CPD points. In our latest Akademia video we discuss the opportunities the workplace pensions market represents for advisers. And what can happen when things go wrong.

We are changing our investment default for workplace pension customers to Balanced Lifestyle Strategy (Drawdown) from February.

Steve Webb offers a potential solution to the issue of funding long-term care, by asking whether it’s time for the ‘care pension’.

We’ve recently redesigned our annual statement – and launched a new suite of retirement planning communications.

Proposals to change the way auto enrolment works have been published by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Steve Webb examines auto enrolment so far and explains the impact of the upcoming statutory phasing increases on your clients.

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