Integrated drawdown facility

Pension Portfolio lets you move your clients seamlessly into drawdown – from within the same plan. We call this Income Release.

BowtieAvailable to clients aged 55+ with at least £15,000 in their Core Investments.

HourglassWe’ll typically pay tax-free cash into your client’s bank account within 5 working days.

purseWe'll only apply a one-off charge in certain circumstances when Income Release is first used.

Income Release at a glance

  • Integrated drawdown facility within our Pension Portfolio product.
  • Our income management facility, Income Tap lets clients invest the rest of their plan in a low risk fund while they take an income from their plan.
  • Offers a range of flexible tax free and taxable income options.
  • Clients can decide when and exactly how much they want to take out of their plan.
  • Retirement savings can be paid on a phased basis.
  • Clients can continue making contributions after taking their retirement savings.
  • We won't apply the one-off charge if your client's pension plan has been in force for 12 months or more when they switch on Income Release, or if they're transferring retirement savings from an existing Royal London pension plan that’s been in force for 12 months or more to an Income Release plan.
  • Full range of investment options available, excluding the with profits fund.

Find out more

To find out more about how Income Release works and the other options available with Pension Portfolio, download our Pension Portfolio technical guide or speak to your usual Royal London contact. 

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