Target lifestyle strategies

A suite of strategies focussed on three customer retirement choices
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  • Target Cash
  • Target Annuity
  • Target Drawdown

Our Target Lifestyle Strategies offer a choice of three different retirement end points targeting cash, annuity and drawdown.  There are five risk-graded versions of each strategy with both passive and in-house active equity options to choose from.

This allows you to make investment decisions based on risk profile, asset allocation and desired client outcome and be confident that a governance process is in place to ensure the strategy continues to meet its objective.

 Investment glidepaths

The Target Lifestyle Strategies all share a similar asset allocation journey until five years before the retirement date. At that point, each strategy takes off on their own unique glidepath with the aim of delivering a fluid and gradual descent to the client’s desired outcome.

The following shows the different end points for the strategies based on a balanced investor.

different end points for the Target strategies

Different end points for the Target strategies. Based on a balanced investor and benchmark allocations.

The strategies benefit from monthly switching and a tactical overlay. They’re available from no extra cost and can be used as an investment default if chosen by the adviser or the employer.

Benefits of the Target Lifestyle Strategies

  • Targeted outcomes
  • Dynamic asset allocation
  • Meets charge cap rules for scheme defaults
  • Governance at no extra cost
  • Automatic switching and updates.

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