Seven years above benchmark for our Governed Retirement Income Portfolios (GRIPs)

Your clients can be certain their savings are being well looked after by our investment experts, and get on with enjoying their retirement. 

Our GRIPs are a suite of five risk-targeted, multi-asset portfolios with dynamic asset allocation available for customers seeking a regular income from their pension savings.

Over seven years our GRIPs have remained resilient throughout challenging market conditions and have outperformed benchmark.

Gripping reasons to invest.

 Governance – ongoing, independent and at no extra cost

 Resilient – even in challenging market conditions

 Income sustainability – aim to deliver a sustainable retirement income for your clients

 Performance – all GRIPs have outperformed benchmark since launch*

 Seven year track record – five multi-asset portfolios with a proven track record


*Source: Lipper, 29.08.2019

Get to grips with GRIPs

Niall Aitken, investment actuary explains how the GRIPs are designed.

Supporting a sustainable retirement income

Our GRIPs have a track record in delivering an opportunity for sustainable income in challenging market conditions. The table below shows what clients with a £100K pot taking different levels of monthly income via a GRIP may have after seven years.


The table shows what clients with a £100K pot taking different levels of monthly income via a GRIP may have after seven years.

Source: Lipper, Royal London, as at 29.08.2019.  All performance figures inclusive of 1% annual management charge.  Past performance is not a guide to the future.  Prices can fall as well as rise meaning you may not get back the full amount of capital originally invested.  Investment returns may fluctuate and are not guaranteed.

Find out more about GRIPS

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