Single contribution forms

Is filling out and submitting single contribution forms eating up your time? Save time with our online solution.

Our online solution has been designed to help you submit single contribution applications faster.

Pre-filled automatically
There’s less information to complete, saving you
time and effort.

Built in validation
We’ll highlight any errors or missing information, so details will be completed more accurately.

Quicker end to end time
You'll be paid quicker and the money will also be added to
your client’s plan quicker.

Complete applications online without a signature 


Complete applications online without a signature when there’s:  

  • less than two years since the last single contribution
  • no change to adviser
  • no change to the adviser charge or no adviser charge applies.

You can use our online solution for existing Pension Portfolio clients whose investment choice isn’t changing. You can also complete the application online without a signature, when it meets certain criteria.

If the application doesn’t meet these criteria, you can still use the online solution. However, we’ll need a signed form. You can download a pre-filled form from our online solution quickly
and easily. 

Of course, if you prefer to complete a paper application form,
you can.

We’ve also created a short,simple form for clients who want to make a single contribution and whose investment choice isn't changing. 

Please note that if your client's also changing their investment choice, you'll need to complete our
additional contribution form.

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