New business tracker

We've introduced our new business tracker so that you can see what happens when we receive new business from you.
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Why use our tracker?

  • Real-time case management for individual plans
    Our new business tracker means you can see everything that we see - and because it's updated in real time, you'll always have access to the very latest information about your new business pipeline, 24/7.
  • Better value
    Instant access to key information not only means a more efficient service - it means you could save valuable time and money.
  • Simplicity
    All information is presented in the same format and will allow you to streamline the way you work and cut the amount of time you spend on phone calls and administration.
  • Efficiency
    A full breakdown of transfers means you can see exactly what's been received and what's outstanding.
  • Immediate remuneration updates - the service charge 
    A big part of the new business process is reconciliation. Our tracker tells you what has been paid, what is due and what basis the plan has been set up on.

Clear and simple

We've made everything as simple and logical as can be.  Once you're registered to use our online service, you just log in for full access.

On the home page you'll find a simple traffic light system that lets you see the latest position of each plan in your individual new business pipeline, all in one place. For more detailed information just click on a plan to view its full case history.

An extensive menu of options

The new business tracker offers all the information you need to keep your business running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Transfers - When they're expected, what's been received, and what's outstanding.
  • Payments - Regular and single contributions and transfer payments that are due on the plan.
  • Outstanding information - Outstanding requirements needed by Royal London, updated immediately when they are received.
  • Remuneration - Details of the remuneration payments you've agreed with your client.
  • Income payments - The details of any Income Release payments made to the client.
  • Contact - Your Royal London New Business consultant's contact details and the contact numbers for new quotes and existing business queries.

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