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At Royal London, we know the importance of being able to find the right content to support your client conversations.

So we’ve created this hub to help you access all our client-facing material in one place. Whether you’re looking for content on pension switching or educational information, you’ll find what you’re looking for here. 

Saving into a pension
How much should I be paying into my pension infographic
This infographic highlights the different a small increase to a client’s regular contributions could make to their pension savings.
How is your pension different to a savings account infographic
This infographic highlights the difference between a savings account and a pension and what could happen to your client’s money in both products.
Cost of delay leaflet
This leaflet highlights the effect putting off saving into a pension can have and why it’s important for clients to take control of their financial future.
The journey of your pension money infographic
This infographic shows what happens to your client’s money when they pay into their pension.
Divorce and pensions
Separation or divorce guide
A guide to reviewing your finances if you’re recently divorced or separated.
Inheritance tax (IHT)
The importance of inheritance planning leaflet
This leaflet will help you demonstrate the importance of inheritance planning to your clients.
Pension switching
Pension switching leaflet
Highlights the benefits of pension switching and consolidation, with a case study to bring this to life.

Pension and investment education webpages and videos

Financial wellbeing
Transferring out of your company pension - what are the pros and cons? guide
This guide can help provide some basic factual information about the pros and cons of making a transfer out of a Defined Benefit scheme.
The new state pension - your questions answered guide
This guide answers the most common questions we get about the new state pension.
Family financial planning guide
This guide shows the facts you need to know before your clients expand their family.
How to make sure the right person gets your pension when you're gone guide
This guide gives your clients information about what can happen with their savings when they die.
When I'm gone leaflet
A simple way for clients to record their funeral wishes and personal and financial details in one place.
When someone dies guide
A guide to where to get help when someone close to your client dies.
Making a will guide
A guide to why your client should write a will.
Power of attorney guide
A guide to how to set a power of attorney and their roles and responsibilities.
When someone is ill
A guide to managing their finances if your client falls ill and can’t work.
When you retire
How your finances might change when you retire guide
This guide gives your clients hints and tips about how their income might change when they retire.
Investment guides and leaflets
Investing in your future guide
A guide to the investment options we offer.
Fund summary leaflet
This leaflet details the investment funds available to your clients when investing in a Royal London Pension.
Governed Portfolio guide
This guide gives your clients more in-depth information about our Governed Portfolios.
Governed Retirement Income Portfolio (GRIP) leaflet
This guide gives your clients more in-depth information about our GRIPs.
Sustainable fund range guide
This guide gives your clients more in-depth information about our sustainable fund range.

Investment webpages and videos

  • Our latest market update
    We share the latest market update to help your clients understand how stock markets may be having an impact on their pension savings.

Responsible investment webpages and videos

Tools to support client conversations

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