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A view from Sue Smith, Group Benefits Manager at Franklyn Financial Management Ltd

As a Senior Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management, we are extremely experienced in implementing auto enrolment schemes for our key business owners. In making our recommendation, naturally it is important that the pension scheme offers the most suitable solution. However, it is just as crucial that the provider we choose has a first rate level of service to support our clients and their employees for the long-term journey. Royal London are one of the providers that would fit this bill.

Our Royal London Business Development Manager, Steve Whitley, understands the importance that we place upon our auto enrolment service and is very pro-active in his approach. He will regularly provide updates on system enhancements and the latest regulatory news, which of course is very useful. Whatever the question, I am confident that Steve has always delivered.

First impressions are very important, and Royal London are among the providers that have a robust implementation process and a good blend of easily accessible ongoing support and information to help employers. Advisers also have online access to their schemes so they can keep track of members plans and download statements, which of course is a very useful feature to help manage member reviews.

A word from Tony Mudd, Divisional Director at St. James’s Place

While automatic enrolment staging for existing business came to an end in February 2018, the workplace pension market is most definitely still a growing market. Initially most employers focus was perhaps unsurprisingly on meeting their compliance requirements in establishing a suitable automatic enrolment scheme. However many employers are now looking to review their scheme with a more paternal lens, as they’ve grown to understand the important role a quality workplace pension scheme can play in both the recruitment and retention of staff.

Consequently the secondary market has really started to evolve and this, coupled with the many emerging new businesses, continues to provide a range of significant advice opportunities. We established our workplace pension panel to help SJP Partners provide corporate clients with the very best solutions and support available on the market. While the workplace pension conversation itself provides a significant advice opportunity with business owners, it also opens doors to a number of other opportunities such as business protection and at retirement advice. It’s many experts view that the workplace pension market could well be the future of mass affluent advice and is an area I’m keen to ensure SJP Partners are well positioned to take advantage of.

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Workplace pensions and business protection webinar

In this webinar Justin Corliss, Senior Pensions Development and Technical Manager, discusses additional opportunities arising from being active in the workplace pensions market; such as advising the business owner themselves and the people they employ. He also considers the use of salary exchange within workplace pension schemes.
We then spend some time on Business Protection with Shelley Read, Senior Pensions Development and Technical Manager, who gives an overview on the types of protection products available to your business owner clients.

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