Ad hoc adviser charge option added to all Retirement Solutions GPPs

30 October 2015
We can now support the payment of ad hoc adviser charges from all versions of our Retirement Solutions GPPs (both pre and post RDR).

The payment must be instructed by the members.

We're not offering this option on Stakeholder or Company Pension Plans or our legacy workplace pensions.

We already support Ad hoc Adviser Charge from Pension Portfolio plans. See our Pension Portfiolio Charges Guide.

When can ad hoc adviser charge be applied?

An ad hoc adviser charge must be agreed between you and the member for one-off events that take place on the plan or for ad hoc services that are not already covered by existing commission or initial and/or ongoing adviser charges.

The advice and/or services must also relate specifically to that member's plan and can't cover the cost of any advice or services for other products.

What are the options?

An ad hoc charge can be taken from a specific contribution or across the member's whole plan where it is deducted proportionately from each contribution. The options as shown below:

Contribution type% of fundMonetary amount
Regular contributions Yes Yes
Single contributions Yes Yes
Transfer payments Yes Yes

See the Retirement Solutions Remuneration Guide for full details.

What's the process?

  1. You request an ad hoc AC payment.
  2. We'll issue an ad hoc AC illustration with the ad hoc adviser charge application form.
  3. You and your client agree the ad hoc payment, complete and sign the ad hoc AC form, and return it to us.
  4. We'll check that the amount requested doesn't exceed our maximum limit.
  5. If the amount is within our maximum limit we'll process the charge, generate the plan documents and issue them to your client, confirming that the charge has been deducted from their plan.

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