Supporting your investment conversations

Our investment toolkit is designed to help you recommend the Governed Range and have regular, ongoing investment conversations with your clients.

Assess your clients’ investment needs

Carry out due diligence and research reasons why the Governed Range might be a suitable solution for your clients.

  • Risk profiler tool
    Get an idea of your clients' risk attitude and which portfolio within the Governed Range might suit their needs. 
  • Governed Range performance calculator 
    View past performance of the Governed Range with any of the replacement equity funds and compare against the portfolio versions.
  • Due diligence document 
    Looks at some of the Financial Conduct Authority’s concerns when recommending an investment solution and how the Governed Range stacks up.
  • Suitability document 
    Sample wording to help you create your own suitability letter.

Recommend an investment solution

Meet your clients' needs with a solution that offers active management, impartial governance and responsible investment as standard - at no extra cost. 

  • Client review letter
    Use our letter/email template to initiate a review of your client’s investments.
  • Investing for retirement guide
    Demonstrate the basics of investing and the wide range of investment options we offer.
    Suitable for clients who are just starting their investment journey.   
  • Multi Asset Portfolio Management guide
    Demonstrate the sophistication of our flagship Governed Range.
    Suitable for confident investors or clients who are actively engaged with their investments.   

Enrich your ongoing investment conversations 

Give your clients a satisfying experience with engaging updates from our investment experts and digital performance tracking.

Regular investment updates 

Our regular investment updates are packed full of expert analysis and insights to help clients keep pace with what’s happening in the market and what this means for their investments.

Digital tracking via our mobile app

Clients can keep track of their investments on the go with a detailed breakdown of where their money’s invested, how their investments are performing and a range of articles on investment hot topics. 
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Embedding responsible investment into your advice process

We can help you take advantage of the opportunities by building responsible investment considerations into your existing advice process.

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Pension tools and services

Use our investment reports alongside our range of pension tools and services to support and enrich your ongoing conversations with your clients.

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Find out how our Governed Range could help one of your clients.
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