Responding to the Ukraine crisis

We are deeply concerned about the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine.

We want to help and so we’re donating £250,000 to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal. The money raised through this appeal will provide essential support, including food, water and first aid supplies, to those in desperate need.

Market volatility

As the crisis continues, we expect stock market volatility to remain elevated. We understand that your clients may be concerned about the impact of this volatility on their pension savings.

Mike Adamson, Chief Executive of the British Red Cross:

The Red Cross is responding to the unfolding crisis in Ukraine. People are losing their homes and lives; families are being separated, people are fleeing the country.

Donations will help us reach displaced people in Ukraine and those fleeing to neighbouring countries with food, water, medicine, medical equipment and other essentials. We are hugely grateful for this donation from Royal London.

Our investment approach

  • Broad diversification
    Our Governed Range invests in a broad range of asset classes. This level of diversification is designed to limit the impact of sudden market shocks, like the current situation in Ukraine, on your clients' pension savings. 
  • Active management
    The underlying components of our Governed Range are actively managed by the Multi Asset team at Royal London Asset Management (RLAM). This ongoing oversight includes regular rebalancing combined with tactical asset allocation changes, allowing us to adjust the mix of investments and manage the impact of short-term drops, within the relevant risk parameters. 

Our investment experts will continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine, keeping a close eye on your clients’ investments and making the changes they feel necessary in response to market events.

We’ll continue to keep you and your clients informed of any changes we make.

Hear from our experts

In our latest webinar, Trevor Greetham (Head of Multi Asset, RLAM) and Melanie Baker (Senior Economist, RLAM) explore the risks to the global economic outlook and how broad diversification can make multi-asset investments more resilient to unexpected shocks.

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