Has your advice changed a life?

29 July 2020



We believe financial advice has the power to change lives. That’s why we’re always looking for new ways to show the positive impact your services can have.

Of course, the value of advice can take many forms – and to help bring this to life, we’ve been asking pension and protection advisers to share their favourite client stories with us.

We’ve received a wide range of adviser stories so far

The response we’ve had over the last few weeks underlines our belief that all advisers have a great story to tell.

As we read through all the things advisers are sharing with us, it’s clear that the true value of your services stretches far beyond a simple payout or financial return. Indeed, it’s the human element that shines through.

We’ve had protection advisers tell us how they’ve helped their clients navigate the most desperate times in their lives. We’ve heard from pension advisers who have put plans in place to help anxious clients enjoy a comfortable retirement. And we’ve even heard from one adviser who left no stone unturned in the search to find the right level of cover for their client, despite significant challenges.

Tell us your story – and we’ll make a donation to a COVID-19 charity

If your services have helped to transform the fortunes for one of your clients, please take the time to share it with us. In return, we’ll make a £50 donation to a COVID-19 charity on your behalf.­

Without doubt, the level of care and dedication that goes into helping your clients achieve their goals can be inspiring. This is why we plan to use some of the stories we’re collecting to show customers the potential life-changing benefits of financial advice later in the year.

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