Three things you might not know about Royal London protection

Published  16 March 2023
   5 min read

With a Royal London protection plan, your clients can get flexible protection, with additional benefits that they might not expect. With a wide range of protection products that can be tailored around your clients’ needs and budgets, you can trust us to take care of your clients and their families.

1. Flexible Critical Illness Cover

As a parent, the worst possible thing to think about is your child becoming critically ill, or dying, but it’s an unfortunate reality that some clients may have to face.

Our Children's Critical Illness Cover can provide financial support to help your clients meet any extra costs so they can focus on caring for their children.

Your clients can choose to add Enhanced Children’s Critical Illness or Standard Children’s Critical Illness Cover, depending on their circumstances, meaning that they're not paying for a benefit they don't need. It’s flexible and can be changed or removed at any time during the term of the plan.

And your clients and their children will be able to use our Helping Hand support service, which gives them access to a dedicated nurse who'll provide tailored and personal support for as long as it’s needed.  

2. Additional benefits with Income Protection

Our flexible Income Protection can be tailored to your clients’ needs but also as they progress through life. We make it easy to amend a plan – which may have been taken out years ago, to suit your clients’ changing needs.

For example, if your clients move to a less risky job, or are looking to shorten their deferred period, they can change this on their existing plan. They can also choose to increase their cover, using cover increase options, up to age 60.

But we don’t stop there. Our Income Protection comes with Fracture cover and Hospitalisation Payment included as standard, as well as back-to-work support for eligible clients returning from long-term absence.

Fracture Cover

We know that accidents happen. That’s why Fracture Cover is available from the day your clients’ Income Protection starts, and there's no deferred period to wait before making a claim. We’ll pay up to £4,000 per claim and we cover multiple fractures in the same claim. And clients can make up to two fracture claims in a 12-month period.

If you’ve ever experienced a fracture, you’ll remember how debilitating it can be - so getting this additional payout whilst your clients recover, gives that added financial safety net, without impacting their main Income Protection cover.

3. Free Cover

Your clients want to make sure their family is protected as quickly as possible, that’s why we have a Free Cover option, so they’re covered before their plan even starts. It’s available through our Personal Menu, Business Menu, Relevant Life and Pegasus Whole of Life Plans, and we can also offer Free Cover if clients already have a plan and are applying to change it.

And you might be surprised to know that Free Cover is available across all our covers – Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover, Income Protection and Key Person Income Protection.

Free Cover really can make a difference to your clients - we paid out £127,000 in Free Cover claims in 2021 to customers who hadn’t yet paid a penny in premiums*.

For more reasons to recommend us with confidence, visit Protection in safe hands - Royal London for advisers.

*Source - Royal London UK intermediary protection business claims paid (1 January to 31 December 2021)