Tactical change – 07 September 2023

Published  07 September 2023
   5 min read

Trevor Greetham, Head of Multi Asset at Royal London Asset Management, has made a tactical change to the asset allocation of the Governed Portfolios (GPs) and Governed Retirement Income Portfolios (GRIPs).

What’s changing?

Whilst US labour markets have been softening over recent weeks, this rise in the unemployment rate has actually come despite any significant job losses. This could result in a cooling of inflation without deep global recessions. We remain overweight stocks for the time being, but recession risks remain and we stand ready to move back to more defensive when required. Furthermore, we have added to commodities, as improved energy demand from China and low supply have supported the asset class. We have increased the size of our underweight in bonds, as disinflationary forces continue to unwind.

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Latest tactical positions

  Overweight Neutral Underweight
Equities Increased    
Property     Decreased
Commodities Increased    
High Yield No change    
Government Bonds     Decreased
Index Linked     Decreased
Corporate Bonds     Decreased
Absolute Return Strategies (including cash)     Decreased

For individual portfolio changes, please see factsheets.