Salary exchange - a better way to save

Salary exchange gives you an ideal opportunity to add value to your clients and increase your remuneration. It's an easy, efficient way to improve an employer's benefits package.

It can also provide you with a powerful opportunity to drive home the importance and increased value of the work-based pension scheme alternatives to the National Employment Savings Trust (NEST).

Salary exchange may not be suitable for everyone. We recommend your clients get professional advice if they need more information on salary exchange.

What is salary exchange?

It's an arrangement where employees agree to give up some salary or bonus. The amount given up is used by the employer to provide a non-cash benefit to the employee.

As the employee is being paid less gross salary the employer makes National Insurance Contribution (NIC) savings and the employee pays less tax and NICs.

The benefits

  • Employers save on their NIC bill
  • Employees save on tax and NICs
  • Reinvesting these savings in a pension plan may give employees a bigger retirement fund
  • This gives you an ideal opportunity to add value to your clients and increase your potential remuneration

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Last updated: 20 Nov 2014
Salary exchange calculator

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