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Personal pensions

Personal pensions statistics - HMRC

This contains information on personal pensions, based on data pension schemes are required to report to HM Revenue and Customs.

It is divided into 4 sections:

section 1 - an introduction to the different types of pensions and their tax treatment
section 2 - commentary and analysis of the main trends in personal pension contributions and tax relief
section 3 - detailed statistical tables:

  • PEN1 Personal Pensions, Retirement Annuity Contracts and Free Standing Additional Voluntary Contributions: By type of contribution.
  • PEN2 Personal Pensions (including stakeholder pensions): Scheme members' annual contributions.
  • PEN 2.1 Non-Stakeholder Personal Pensions: Scheme members' annual contributions.
  • PEN2.2 Stakeholder Personal Pensions: Scheme members' annual contributions - Numbers of members and value of contributions by type of scheme as reported to HMRC by providers for the year.
  • PEN 3 Personal pensions: Estimated number of individuals making or receiving contributions and average contribution by status.
  • PEN 4 Personal pensions: Estimated number of individuals making or receiving contributions by gender and age.
  • PEN 5 Personal pensions: Estimate number of individuals making or receiving contributions by country and region.
  • PEN6 Cost of Registered Pension Scheme Tax Relief: Occupational schemes in the public and private sectors and individuals' personal pensions.

section 4 - details of the data used in this publication and the estimation methodologies

Office for National Statistics - Pensions, savings and investments 

Pensions, savings and investments

State, private, occupational and workplace pensions, including pension trends that draws together data from other government departments and organisations.

Pension flexibilty statistics

Flexible payments from pensions

Number and value of flexible payments made from pensions since April 2015. 

Workplace pensions

Workplace pension statistics - Office for National Statistics

Individuals' pensions linked to their workplace, including defined ambition (DA), defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) schemes.

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