Child benefit

In certain circumstances, receiving the child benefit can result in a tax charge. This article looks at ways to reduce or eliminate the charge.

Parental leave and pensions

We are often asked how parental leave impacts workplace pension schemes in terms of funding in general, auto enrolment and salary exchange. This article will explain each of these.

HMRC newsletters

Periodically HMRC issue Pension Schemes Newsletters. These cover almost anything to do with pensions and contain valuable information.

Investment Bonds

In this article we explain how paying a pension contribution can, in certain circumstances, reduce the income tax payable when an investment bond is surrendered. This article only covers onshore investment bonds.

Pension Credit

DWP factsheet and guide on Pension Credit benefit.

Pension liberation

An explanation of pension liberation and how it works.

Stakeholder pensions

This analysis looks at some of the more technical requirements that apply to stakeholder pensions.

State pensions

New State Pension

The new State Pension will replace the basic State Pension in April 2016. Existing benefits will be protected.

Basic State Pension

The basic state pension has been replaced by the new state pension. People who reached State Pension age before 6 April 2015 will receive the Basic State Pension.

Contracting out

Since 6 April 2012, it was not possible to contract out of S2P using a money purchase or appropriate personal pension/stakeholder plan.  Since 6 April 2016, it has not been possible to contract out of S2P using a defined benefit scheme. 



Last updated: 02 Aug 2018

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